Dreamy holidays on the butterfly island

 Astypalaia or else the island of Butterfly is an alternative destination and at the same time is so attractive that there is no way you can only go once in your life. It is the island of the Dodecanese that you will pass completely differently than you are used to on any other island of this complex. There you will spend an absolutely relaxing holiday and rest in a quiet place where at the same time you will not miss anything.

The caves of the island

In Astypalaia, in addition to the beautiful beaches, you can visit three caves. I’m sure the Dragon Cave will pique your interest more. You will get there through the famous and beautiful fishing village Vathi from where you will take the boat. That’s where you might get to take swimming with dolphins, even seals. What is certain is that it will be an experience that you will never forget.

The majestic beaches

The beaches of the island are numerous and it is more likely that you will not be able to see even half with a single trip. But it’s also one of the reasons they’re going to make you come back. Astypalaia is the island where you will find beaches for every taste and all with clear and crystal clear waters. We have singled out two and these are Maltezana and Livadi. However, by driving around the island, you will have the opportunity to make small stops and locate the sandy beach that will click on you.

The “Castle of Astropalias”

A sensational beauty and historical sight that has stood on the island since the 14th century. From there you will enjoy a unique beauty overlooking the ports of the island. The Castle of Astropalias is ideal for romantic walks and idyllic evenings. The walk there is in itself an experience.

The uninhabited islands around

Apart from Astypalaia itself, unique emotions will also offer you the surrounding uninhabited islands, Tigani, Kounoupa, and Koutsomitis. The islands will be approached by boats from Pera Gialos. Among other things, you can dive in blue waters if you are a lover of the species.

Photo Source: astypalaia-island.gr/gr