Awe-inspiring images from above

Every time we travel to Greece by plane we enjoy unique images of the country from above. Our safe landing is ensured by the specially trained pilots of the various airlines, who can cope even with the most difficult of airports., And the Aegean Islands have some of the most “exciting” runways to land. We are talking about the impressive airports of the Aegean Islands that seem to touch the sea. In many cases, moreover, waves from it can reach the runway, especially during the winter months. The images from above are extremely impressive.

Let us some of them…


Ikaria airport is called, of course, Icarus. When you see it, it literally takes your breath away as it’s just a strip in the sea. The runway is quite small and as shown (outdoor photo) ends up a few meters away from the sea. For some passengers, the landings look spectacular. And it really is when you have a view like that. Ikaria is one of the airports of the Aegean which has a lot of traffic in the summer as it is one of the most favourite but distant islands of the Dodecanese. So, travelling by plane is definitely easier and faster.


Photo Source: Google Maps

A similar image can be seen at Kasos airport. The narrow runway is located almost on the coastline of the small island. Thus, the distance from the sea is really minimal and seems even shorter when you look at it from above. Passengers see the landing site being “beaten” by the waves from three different sides. Definitely, the landing is not something easy at this particular airport, especially in winter.


Photo Source: Google Maps


Photo Source: Google Maps

This particular airport in Kastelorizo does not touch the sea but… leads to it! The runway of the small airport on the island is elevated and among hills. Both at the beginning and at the end of it there is a cliff. If you’ve travelled to this particular airport, you may have had a difficult landing. This is because if, for any reason, the pilot does not calculate the distance correctly, then he is forced to do the so-called touch and go. What’s that supposed to mean? In this process, passengers see the wheels of the plane momentarily touch the ground and immediately retract.