A great idea for your next one-day excursion.

You may not want to leave Attica to enjoy your dives, but in the end you probably don’t have to. This is because a breath away from Athens are treasures that you can enjoy even on a one-day excursion. One of them is the special and heavenly beach of Skalakia in Attica. Once you find out, she’ll be one of your favorites.

The picturesque beach of Skalakia in Attica

Althea is a settlement of Agia Marina and belongs to the municipality of Kropia. It is 11 km from Koropi, is located at the 35th kilometer of the athens-sounio coastal road and its part of its coastal Municipality. The settlement is located at the foot of Mount Voros, in Prapa Mali and has three 3 entrances, Alkyonides Street, the Cyprus Street and the Kecropos Street.

Althea, then, has one of the most beautiful beaches of Attica. Of course we are talking about the famous skalakia.Its about a picturesque beach with clear waters. Especially on weekdays (if you have this luxury) you will enjoy your swim in a picturesque landscape. The beach is not organized so you should definitely go prepared so you don’t miss anything. On weekends the traffic is increased so it is good to go early to find shade. One think is certain that this picturesque beach will delight you from the beginning.

Where is the heavenly beach of Skalakia in Attica

Photo Source: Google Maps This beach is in the area of Keratea in Attica and it is the ultimate getaway without any exaggeration.

How to get to The skalakia

The skalakia of Althea are located at the 35th kilometer of the coastal road Athens – Soniou. They won’t make it any harder for you. After Agia Marina -nice church-, as soon as you see the althea sign, slow down and you will see an alley leading to a parking lot.. That’s where you’re going to have to leave the car and get down the stairs. This beach also has parking, not too big but if you go early you will definitely find a place.

You’ve just discovered another paradise in Attica!

External photography source: Google Maps