A sandy beach discovered by the well-initiated

Attica has so many hidden corners for swimming that you don’t have to end up with the same all ,all the time. You can enjoy your swim in idyllic sets just a few kilometers from your house even if you live in the center of Athens. Exploring Attica you will find small treasures and alternative suggestions for a good swim, such as in Harakas beach.

Just what you need for this summer if you don’t have to leave the capital for a long time. It is the ideal solution for the one-day weekend or for when you have free time to swim on weekdays. When you find her, she’ll be your hangout.

Harakas Beach, the alternative beach in Attica

Harakas Beach is as popular as you want. It’s not crowded, but it’s not deserted either. It has been discovered by those who know where they can take a nice swim in Attica. Essentially Harakas is the ideal solution for those looking for an alternative and relatively nearby beach.

The beach of Harakas used to be a well-hidden secret outside Soniou Avenue in the homonymous traditional settlement. It is ideal for families with children because is a spread out sandy beach and also has shallow water. In other words, it is considered particularly safe for play and swimming. What is certain is that you will enjoy your swim in an idyllic environment that you never imagined existed so close to Athens. We may be used choosing the well-known and popular beaches, but little diamonds are hidden a little further. It’s worth finding out. If you are one of the lucky ones who can go every day, you will enjoy this beach even more since it has very dieu amount of people.

How to get to The Beach of haraka.

First you start towards Sounio. As you approach the limits of Keratea, you reduce speed and look for the sign that says “Traditional settlement of Haraka” and somewhere there you stop. You’re getting ready for your first dives. Park on the dirt road where you will find it a few meters below, and choose the spot where you will spread your towel! You won’t have a hard time on this beach because is very large and has fine sand and clear waters! Are you thinking of a better combination? If you don’t want to carry your own equipment, you can choose a sun lounger from the ones the beach recently acquired in a small part of it.

See here exactly where the beach is and prepare your bathing suit!