The corner of Cyclades that combines elegance, nice food and blue beaches

Kythnos is the island where you will spend a good time and economically and it has another main advantage in its “quiver”.. It is so close to Athens which makes the island an ideal destination for the weekend or for short vacations. In Kythnos you will enjoy walks and dives and you will have a great time. And you will need a low-budget that will make you extremely happy.

Kythnos is the island you will like from the first moment you will be there but it will excite you, even more, when you get to know its town and beaches. Starting from the port, at Merichas you will enjoy walking and you are going to have great options in quite a few restaurants and taverns. You’ll find everything you want and you will relax from the first moment.

Once you’re in town, however, you’ll understand why it is a great option for a short trip in the Cyclades. Kythnos town is literally a painting. The Mesaria, as they call it is built on a hill with streets and houses spread out on it. Characteristic of the town is that the walls have been painted detailed and with beautiful designs, they are giving you a sense of purity and elegance. In the evening the shops look like an open courtyard in which you can enjoy your drink while you are gazing at the moon. An experience that will be in your mind the cold winter days.

The serene rhythms of the town drag you into another holiday style, more relaxed and calmer. As a rule in town and in the villages of Kythnos, you will find affordable and very good accommodations as well as restaurants.

Kythnos: The economic island for unforgettable holidays

The beaches of Kythnos

Kythnos has unique beaches for all tastes. .You can find both organized and private ones. By far, the beach Kolona stands out t in the Cyclades. In fact, a strip of sand divides the sea in half and into two sandy beaches. It is an impressive phenomenon to look at.

Kythnos: The economic island for unforgettable holidays

Other beaches where you can take a relaxed and enjoyable swim in crystal clear waters are the small sandy beach Martinakia but also Episkopi and Apokrousi. These are the only organized beaches of the island, the busiest with fine sand.

Kythnos: The economic island for unforgettable holidays

If you are now looking for absolute silence beaches you can visit the beaches of Skilou, Gaidouromantra, Simousi in the southeast and Mavrianos and Stifos in the southwest of the island.


  • The island is suitable for hiking so if you like it, ask as soon as you arrive for the trails.
  • Choose to board on a boat if it is easier for you from the port of Lavrio which is 1 hour and 40 minutes away from Kythnos.
  • Make a visit to the church of Panagia Kanala. It is in a pine-like area of the island. On a rock is has been built the monastery. The view from there will leave you speechless
  • Τhe swimming in Loutra beach is a unique experience. There comes water from the thermal baths of the island. In a natural “pool” in the sea, the water is really almost hot offering the unique experience of the spa in seawater.