Sort walks without getting in touch with a lot of people

There are times when you may feel you need to leave the crowds, the hustle and bustle of the city and the gathering of many people in the same place, so you want to go out of the house for a while and prefer places without a lot of people. And Attica has many places that you can walk with your family in nature without getting in touch with other people.

Here are five ideas for secluded places in Attica where you can enjoy a little fresh air and a relaxed walk.


Just 70 km away from Athens Sounio is always a good idea for a walk without getting in touch with a lot of people. You can take a walk to the sanctuary of Poseidon which is one of the most important sights and archaeological sites of Attica. But even the drive is enough to get you out of the city. The coastal route to Sounio is one of the most beautiful. In the area there are many small beaches, and especially in spring you will not find a single person there, and you can relax for a while with the sea breeze.

Varibobi – Parnitha

A walk in parnitha It’s always a good idea if you don’t want to meet a lot of people but you want to walk and get some fresh air. In Varibobi you will find many routes without having to go to central places or crowded shops. Especially if it has weather they are ideal for enjoying a little sun without risking contact with people. In the various walking paths you will have the opportunity to enjoy the absolute tranquility that dominates the landscape and the chirping of the birds.

Penteli – Daveli Cave, Attica

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The mountain next door in Attica, Penteli is ideal for a short walk without crowds. In addition to walking in the woods, must stop at Daveli’s cave. A good idea for walking and hiking are the routes (large and small) around the cave. Extra points we give to the unique view of the whole of Attica, up to the sea. Also near the settlement of Drafi, there is also a (small) waterfall. You can sit for a while and enjoy the beauty of nature and tranquility, under the sounds of birds.

Rafina – Marathonas, East Attica

This season is ideal for strolling the beaches without people. Take the car and head to eastern Attica stopping at the first beach that will pique your interest on your route. You can picnic in the sand, enjoying the sea breeze and the children can play on their own by building castles or running on the empty beach. No one’s going to bother you and you’re not going to bother anyone on your walk.

Ymittos Forest

Starting from Agia Paraskevi and reaching Ilioupoli and Glyfada, Ymittos extends to a very large part of Attica. Υμηττός The beauty of the mountain is such that « living room of imitos » τyou may have heard them call the Aesthetic Forest of kesarianis “The Living Room of Hymettus”.ο Αισθητικό Δάσος της Καισαριανής. It’s an open space, and on many routes you may not even meet a human being. You’ll will have come into contact with nature without coming into contact with people. You’ll enjoy some fresh air after so many days you may have spent them in the house. External photography source: A.Savin