The favorite island destination next to Athens

Next to Athens, small and picturesque. What else do you need to love poros at first glance and become your favorite summer destination? Poros is the island that the Athenians love and not unfairly. It is ideal even for one-day excursions and will not disappoint you whether you go with friends or family.

There are many reasons to put Poros in your heart, but in we’ve chose five of them…

The Bourtzi

It’s something you’ll definitely notice and love. East of the port, the small island with the small castle hides little secrets of the 19th century. These fortifications that you will see when you reach the island were built in the distant 1827 by a Bavarian philhellene for the protection of the port. What makes this attraction even more impressive is that you can even visit it while swimming. Have you ever visited a fort with your bathing suit before?


If you don’t know, it’s time to find out. Poros is basically made up, for those who do not know of the two islands. These are separated by the narrow channel between Spheria and Kalauria. In the second there are many “secrets” to discover. We start from the forest of Kalauria in Askeli, with the pine-covered slopes on which the island monastery of Zoodochos Pigi is. There, is what is left of the ancient Temple of Poseidon in the 6th century BC. The temple at the time served as a sacred sanctuary mainly for those who were hiding but also for castaways. Not to forget the abandoned Russian Naval Station on a beautiful beach in the north, a building of special architecture that has been described as a historically preserved monument. If you go, you’ll find even more historical thinks but we don’t reveal everything yet to you…

Walks in the alleys of the city

Five reasons that will make you love Poros1

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To get to know Poros as the locals know it, you have to start walking in the alleys. It started from the boardwalk of the stately beach, and walking from Stavros to the western pier of the new port. It’s a one-kilometer route full of neoclassical buildings that will make you stop for photos. Make a stop also in Koryzi Square. There you will discover the treasures of the Archaeological Museum, with findings from the excavations in the myths of the island. Finishing with a leisurely walk through the narrow alleys of the amphitheatrically built city, among flowering courtyards and foodies smothered with bougainvillea. Stop for photographys is a must…

Food on Poros Island

Escape without good food can’t happen . And good food in Poros is one of the reasons that the island will enter your heart. You will try classic and favorite fish mezes and Greek grilled delicacies. And what better than to enjoy fresh seafood by the sea and even with a combination of a nice sunset and very good prices. Poros is the island you’ll definitely eat well. And you’re not going to pay dearly.

The Lemon Forest of Galata

Five reasons that will make you love Poros

The Lemon Forest of Poros Troizinia is a dream in the shades of green and yellow. A particularly large area with lemon trees divided into estates that touch the coast of Peloponnese. Escape to Poros without the boat pass on the opposite coast of the Peloponnese is not possible. You’ll take the boat and in five minutes you’ll be in the enchanting forest of lemon trees, which blooms in spring The forest ends at the sandy beaches of Plaka and Alykes. We tried to swim on these beaches and enjoyed the view of the trees through the sea view. An experience worth living.

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