Walk in the green oases of Attica

Sunday is always interwoven with strolling and relaxation. And in summer the beaches in Attica maybe filled, but in other times the parks and groves have their moment. And Attica has many options to have fun with your friends and family.

Smaller and bigger parks, Αθήνας in the heart of Athens or a few kilometers away, whichever you choose you will find ways to have a good time and fill your <batteries> for the new week. See below five ideal parks for a Sunday stroll in Attica…

Syngrou Estate

Extended in an area of 950 acres is located on the border of the Municipalities of Kifissia, Amarousi and Melisia. The main entrance of syngros Estate can be found on Kifisias Avenue, at the height of the KAT hospital. For the most part, about 700 acres, the Syngros Estate is covered by the Syngros Forest. Κτήμα Συγγρού It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful parks of Attica and at the same time one of the last natural forests.

National Garden

The most popular Garden in Attica. Where you used to go as a kid and now you go with your kids. A few meters away from the bustling life of Athens is this< diamond> of the city. As you walk through the door, you enter another world. With over 7,000 trees and lots of animals. Of course, the eyes are on the ducks waiting for you to feed them.

On weekends you’ll see people running around, riding bikes and even having children’s parties. You follow the streets of the garden in the form of a labyrinth and in every corner awaits you a new surprise. Remember, the National Garden is open until sundown.

Tatoi Estate, Attica

There’s is the other side of Attica. The one that if you haven’t do it already, you need to meet it. An area of 47,000 square meters awaits you for a walk, a bike, a picnic and a trip through time. The Royal Estates in Tatoi The Royal Estates in Tatoi are located just 25 km away from the center of Athens and is a nearby destination that makes you feel, that you have left the city. The estate is essentially divided into three autonomous and self-contained units. The first is the Palace, the second is the Administrative and finally the Village or else the Geo-farming unit. Walking you will see several of the buildings that still exist and you will imagine what it was like to live there.

Pedion tou Areos

One of the most favorite destinations of Athens on weekdays and weekends. The pedion of Areos that gave its name to the whole area is one of the largest public groves of Athens. You will take a leisurely walk, ride your bike, take your child to the playground and forget that you are in the center of Athens. About halfway through you will see a paved road with marble busts on both sides. The famous Avenue of Heroes. A Sunday walk – a journey through history.

Veikos Grove, Attica

Photo Source: veikoutrail.gr

Favorite Sunday destination. A green <lung> particularly popular for its sports facilities. There you will find football, basketball, tennis, skateboarding and outdoor fitness equipment.Children will play in the playground and you will enjoy your Sunday coffee in a beautiful environment. Veikos Grove is certainly not unfairly one of the most popular destinations of Athens for the weekend. You’ll also see a lot of people cycling, especially on days when the weather is good.