There are many well-known beaches in Attica. But few are so beloved that someone can go there fanatically. One of them is the so-called Erotospilia. It is a magical beach located just 36 km from the center of Athens. A little peninsula that offers you, great thrills.


This beautiful beach is one of the most favorite destinations of The Athenians and not unfairly. Erotospilia is located one kilometer northwest of the holiday village of Porto Rafti and has umbrellas and sunbeds. It is a small bay which is well protected from the meltemia winds and has sand, shade from the trees located at its edges, caves and blue waters

It is not a secret and is a particularly popular beach. This is why the ideal time to visit is the beginning of summer or autumn. One thing is certain that you will be thrilled by the clear waters and the beauty of the landscape.

A kilometer away from Porto Rafti, the cave of lovers is worth any hassle to get there. The landscape is magical and those who have visited the beach, talk about a natural treasure that has still stayed away from any human intervention.

What is certain is that the hidden treasures of Greece are many and each has its own, special beauty. And in the summer those who stay in Athens they seek them furiously. This is how Erotospilia was discovered in Attica. In an effort to find idyllic places in order to cool off, and also to discover new places. After all, the rock [cave] on this beach has always been a favorite destination for couples in love. erotospilia is the name of the beach.

If you haven’t been there already, then i guess it’s time for a visit . Get a taste from the sky from the UP Drones channel video.