Perfect choice for a weekend

Within 2.5 hours from Athens, you can find beaches that make you think you are on an exotic island. One such case is Agios Minas. A quiet beach and as secluded as you want it for the autumn swimming. Agios Minas beach is located near Galaxidi and is an ideal sandy beach if you want to spend a weekend in the area. The waters are crystal clear and warm and you will enjoy it

Agios Minas is a small and clean beach with blue and crystal clear waters and especially warm. Autumn is the ideal season if you want to enjoy the warm waters of this beach.

Agios Minas beach is pebbled but easily walked inside without wearing special shoes. It is not an organized beach but you will find some umbrellas if you want to enjoy their shade. In any case, you can have your own equipment with you and set it up wherever you want. You’ll definitely find a corner that inspires you and you’ll stay there maybe until sunset.. There’s a canteen nearby for anything you need if you stay long hours.

You will swim in shallow water and in a quiet environment that will win you over from the first moment. What’s certain is that you’re not just going once.

How to get to the beach of Agios Minas

Starting from the center of Athens, you will need less than 2.5 hours to reach the beach of Agios Minas. You can see HERE exactly where it is and how you will approach it. Parking is easy any day you go, even on weekends.

Escape to Galaxidi

Galaxidi: Weekend in the picturesque seaside villagePhoto Source: Google Maps

What is certain is that this picturesque seaside village will not disappoint you and you will not have to spend a fortune. For petrol calculated about 40 euros for the whole trip, for a double room, 35-40 euros and you will eat like a lord with 12 euros per person in many places in the area.

The historical area of Galaxidi has as its pride also the Holy Church of Agios Nikolaos as well as the Old School. Taking a walk and asking the locals you will discover other secrets of the area that will captivate you.