Images that awe you…

The monasteries and churches of Greece are a category in themselves in terms of the experience experienced by a visitor making the journey for this purpose. Others are next to the wave, others hung on the edge of a cliff and others so steep that even their approach is difficult. One of the most impressive monasteries in Greece in terms of its architecture is the Monastery of Kipina in the village of Kalarrites in Tzoumerka, Epirus. The images you encounter there awe you. I’m sure you haven’t seen anything like it not only in Greece but also on your trips abroad. A trip and a destination you’ll never forget.

Kipina Monastery: The monastery that is wedged in the rock

The Monastery of Kipina, considered a construction of the 13th century, is located near a very beautiful village of Epirus, the village of Kalarrites in Tzoumerka. As soon as you get there, you’ll see the impressive thing that’s going on with its construction. This special monastery is essentially wedged in a rock, on a steep slope. Underneath flows the Kalarrytikos river making the scenery even more idyllic.

The Holy Monastery of Kipina is definitely one of the most impressive monasteries of Epirus and Greece. The monastery is located near the village of Kalarrites in Tzoumerka, Epirus. And the spot that’s only been built by accident isn’t. During the Turkish occupation it was the hideout of the Greeks. You will see in the temple a wooden door that leads to the cave, that is to say to the place where the shelter was.

Monasteries of GreeceInside you can admire frescoes dating back toο the 17th century and it is the ideal spot for tranquility and tranquility. Every time we are there we feel far from the mundane and impressed with the technique that was used to build at this point.

In addition to the area of prayer in the Monastery of Kipina there are also the cells of the monks divided into two levels. As well as the reception areas. In addition, there is also a seating area on the ground floor in addition to the catholic area. But where did the monastery of Kipinas get its name? There’s a prevailing version. She says her name is due to the gardens cultivated by the monks in a rocky and extremely difficult area.

How to get to Kipina Monastery

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First you’re going to move on such a paved road. Then you will need to walk on a path and a wooden staircase. The result will compensate you.

Important: Do not forget before you reach the Monastery to ask the nearby café of the settlement for the key. Prepare for peace and leftover land in one of the most beautiful places in Epirus.