A magical place and the explanation for its name

Greece is full of hidden beauties that you discover slowly on every trip. Some of them, in fact, are much closer than you might think. Like, for example, Daskalio. A small island famous as the island of love. It is very close to Poros island and it captures the hearts. We happened to be there for the first time because of a wedding that was taking place there. The images speak for themselves…

he beautiful Daskalio, the famous island of love

The graphical and beautiful Daskalio is located opposite the Russian Naval Station. Its name is considered to have been given during the period of Turkish occupation and they named it Daskalio because in the island was a “krifo scholio” (an underground school for teaching the Greek language and Christian doctrine, provided by the Greek Orthodox Church under Ottoman rule in Greece between the 15th and 19th centuries).

And it may be a very small island but it’s not completely empty. On the island, it is located the church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (Panagitsa). So many weddings and baptisms have taken place there but why do they call it the “island of love”? The answer is simple as long as you look at the island from above. The Daskalio looks like a heart shape. That is why in 2002 the EOT named the island “EROS”. Daskalio, in fact, was the advertising campaign of our country.

The island of love is a beautiful place that we recommend you to visit by boat and enjoy swimming. Ideally, If you can go on a trip to the beautiful island of Poros you will have the chance to visit Daskalio.

To pass across the island, you can go by boat from the main port of Poros, (about 3 €/person), or from the hotel where you will be staying.

Poros, an ideal destination for weekend

Poros is perfect for an escape, mainly, at the weekend, and if you go once you will keep going for many more times. They call the island Venice of the Argosaronikos and not unfairly.

It has more than one reason to love it. If you seek peace and endless walks in nature, Poros its the place for you. From its beautiful settlements, Spheria and the green Kalavria, to the famous Lemon Forest. And it is so close to Athens.

As for Daskalio or the island of love, get a taste from the video of the Channel Up Drones on Youtube. The pictures will leave you speechless and you will want to visit it there very soon…

See HERE on the map where this paradise is!