The island you will not want to leave

The Ionian islands stand out for their crystal clear turquoise waters and green tufted trees that in many cases reach the edge of the beach. And apart from the large and famous Ionian islands such as Corfu and Kefalonia, there are also the smallest and least known or even completely unknown to the general public. One of them is Ereikoussa. A small and unknown paradise that leaves you speechless.

Ereikoussa, the hidden diamond of the Ionian

Ereikoussa, or Merlere as it used to be called, is one of the absolutely unspoilt and pure islands of the Ionian Sea that retain a rare and untouched beauty. Something we understood from our first visit with the boat there. We were told it was a life experience but we certainly did not expect such exotic beauty. Maybe because we thought the beauty had been exhausted in Paxos or Ithaca. And yet the hidden diamonds of the Ionian, like Ereikoussa, still have something to show you.

It is one of the Diapontian islands as they are called and is located north of Corfu. Somewhere near the Othons, the northernmost point of the Ionian Islands. When you get there, you feel like you’re stepping on a desert island. But one of those islands that you won’t mind staying there for months. Ereikoussa is named after the “Reiki” plant that grows everywhere on the island.

Ereikoussa: The unknown little paradise of the Ionian Sea

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Within just 5 square kilometers you will have the opportunity to swim in exotic crystal clear beaches under the shade of green tufted trees. Youcan also explore the unique sea caves and walk by yourself for hours admiring the endless blue of the sea.

On this acritic island of about 150 inhabitants, you will wet your feet in the Ionian and Adriatic Sea, you will enjoy genuine flavors homemade and traditional and you will become for a while part of a different settlement. A kind of hospitality different from the others. Calmer and more special.

Ereikoussa is the island for those who dare different holidays and alternatives. Away from the crowds, the cosmopolitan beaches, and the lively nightlife…

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