The hidden sandy beach with the turquoise waters

With the endless coasts and the hundreds of beaches that Greece has, you can never say that you’ve seen everything. You can’t help but be surprised every time by something new. You will have always the chance to have experiences and unique memories of a beach you never have imagined that exists. Wherever you are in Greece. Such a beach is Dafnoudi. You can be there through a small path that will look like it opens the gates of paradise to you

Dafnoudi, the magical beach

Dafnoudi this isolated and quiet beach is located in the northern part of Kefalonia, in Antipata. The car does not reach the sea but maybe this makes this particular beach even more beautiful. You need to walk a green path through the local natural environment to get there. A real dream. In fact you will literally walk through the forest until you see this magical beach on a path of about 600 meters. One of the most beautiful things you’ve ever walked in your life.

And then, where the path ends, you will face the calm turquoise waters and the idyllic landscape. You will lay your towel and set up your own umbrella on the beach and you will enjoy the miracle of nature. Because this beach, of course, is not organized. Even if you don’t get an umbrella, however, you can enjoy the natural shade of the green trees on the beach.

Dafnoudi: The path that leads you to the magical beach3

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You will hear the cicadas, you will read your book loosely and you will dive in clear blue-green waters. It sounds like a fairy tale, and that’s really the case.

The isolated and quiet beach

Dafnoudi: The path that leads you to the magical beach

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You should know that: Dafnoudi beach is a shelter for the Monachus-Monachus seals, so you should not be surprised if you see some of them.