Turquoise waters and great history on a liliputian island

Greece is full of small and large islands that will surprise you by the variety of their beauty. Some islands have beaches with turquoise waters and some others look like that they are cut off from a forest. Smaller or larger, some islands are completely unknown to us and we may never have even heard their name. One of them is Apsifia. An unknown island of Greece with an otherworldly beauty.

Apsifia is an island of Fokida with great beauty but also a history that few people know. More specifically, according to the archaeologists, it was there that the sanctuary of the god Apollo was located. According to archaeological excavations, the history of the island begins somewhere in the late Roman period.

Approaching the island of Apsifia by boat, you will find that there has been a lighthouse standing there for many years. It has been built there since 1887, along with the house of the warden. On the island, there are no inhabitants and its name Apsifia was officially recognized for the first time in 1940.

This island is next to Galaxidi and it has turquoise waters and a special beauty despite its petit size. It is only 180 meters its maximum length and 80 meters its maximum width. In fact, if you arrive by boat you will have the opportunity to swim in one of its two very small but impressive beaches.

Apsifia as a shelter

The island of Apsifia, as we mentioned, has a very interesting history, apart from its beauty. It was used as a shelter from the Slavic raids that took place that time. According to information from the Archaeological Museum of Delphi, the entire wider area is characterized by a constant presence with important findings since the Early Hellenistic period. These kinds of findings the beautiful Apsifia had.

Some very impressive images of this unknown island of Greece can be seen in an impressive drone video, by Angelos Arnautoglis, from his personal channel on YouTube.

The images speak for themselves…