Zoniana is the location of one of Crete’s most interesting caves

One of the most interesting caves in Crete is found at the village of Zoniana, just 43 km from Heraklion and 52 km from Rethymnon. The quaint village of Zoniana, which has a long and intriguing history, is situated 630 meters up on Psiloritis Mountain (Mount Idi) in the Mylopotamos region of the Rethymnon Prefecture. Zoniana is the village’s modern name – prior to 1920 it was called Zeus’ Pit, possibly named after the God Zeus.

The main occupation of the residents is cattle breeding. As you drive up the mountain road into Zoniana, which is located just a short distance from the renowned village of Anogeia, you will see the sign for the famous Sfentoni Cave, or Sfentoni’s Hole, one of the island’s most beautiful caves, adorned with stalactites and stalagmites.

Following the signs will bring you to the parking lot which offers a panoramic view of the area. As you are not allowed to enter the cave on your own, the entry  ticket price includes the services of a well-trained guide, who is responsible for both your personal safety and the protection of the cave.

The guides, all of whom are residents of the village who grew up playing children’s games in and around the cave’s galleries before it was open to visitors, are well versed in explaining all about the deep, dark secrets of this fascinating attraction.

How to get to Zoniana Village in Rethymno Region