Otherworldly images on the edge of Greece

By exploring Greece you can discover places you didn’t even imagine existed in the country. Otherworldly scenes that you can schedule to visit soon. Like one of the strange parts of Greece with the unknown formations and the lunar landscape that seems otherworldly. Xerokampos in Sitia, Crete is one of the very special places of Greece that enchants you with its particular morphology.

Sitia: The unknown strange formations and the lunar landscape of Greece

In Sitia and specifically in Xerokampos you will encounter a lunar landscape that you may have seen somewhere abroad. Somewhere there on Alatsolimni beach is created perhaps the most special landscape of eastern Crete. How does that happen? Right next to the beach there is a huge natural salt lake, which in winter is flooded with sea or rainwater. It, therefore, creates a small lagoon, which dries during the summer months.

The result is just this otherwordly one we describe. Leaves a white saline substrate on the surface of the sand. The formations and the lunar landscape are particularly distinct looking from above. A typical example is a video from youtube’s Haanity channel that gives us unique images.

In the east, you can see three small “fjords” of Moores. When the weather permits it is the ideal place for diving and underwater fishing. In fact, the result of what the viewer admires is a creation of nature and man combined.

With the wind and the wildest weather in winter, the sea literally comes out and is essentially trapped in this particular relief. This is how Alassolimni is created. One of the strangest places in Greece worth getting to know!

Take a trip with the video below.

Crete is a very popular destination for summer but ideal even in winter. The good weather and its mountain villages allow you to spend some of the most alternative holidays of your life. Sitia and its strange formations are one of the good choices you can make…