Verdant Argyroupolis will reward you with its history and natural beauty

Modern Argyroupolis, located 27km south of Rethymno, is built near the important ancient city of Lappa. The area is famous for its springs leading to impressive waterfalls, its old mills and the lush verdant landscape that attracts thousands of visitors each year.

During the Ottoman rule the Turks called the town Gaidouropoli (i.e. Donkey Town) till 1822, when the Greek  rebels renamed it Argyroupolis. In Argyroupolis took place the General Assembly of Crete in 1867 and 1878, the year that Cretans declared the Union of Crete with Greece.

The upper and lower parts of the village are well preserved and many of the old Venetian mansions are still in good condition. Waterfalls are found in several gorges of the region, but the most easily accessible ones are those in Argyroupolis. The water that gushes from the chapel of Agia Dynami forms many small waterfalls, the main factor behind the rich vegetation, so characteristic of the area.

The wider Argyroupolis area is well known for its local gastronomy, served in various good taverns serving Cretan delicacies. If you are looking for good accommodation in the area do not forget to explore rent a villa options.

How to get to Argiroupolis Town in Rethymno Region