A corner of Greece completely different

Wildlife, green landscapes, and running water. A setting of unique beauty that you can walk for 16 km. And then you’ll reach a Greek village different from the others. With all-white houses that to face them, you have to choose between two ways. Either walk the 16,000 meters or go by sea. And we are talking of course about the gorge of Samaria and the isolated Greek village of Agia Roumeli. Where the sea and the mountain seem to become one and give magical images. Where else? In Crete!

The Greek village you arrive in a special way

Agia Roumeli is not just an inaccessible and isolated village. You need to walk a difficult route to get there. You pass through one of the most shocking routes in Greece. Through the largest gorge in the country. Samaria Gorge. Agia Roumeli is not in fact united with the road network of the island and is a special and unique case in Crete. Once, however, you arrive in one of two ways you will see all-white houses and a beautiful setting.

The most famous road to approach, as we said, is through Samaria Gorge and is quite easy even though it is 16 km. As long as you are familiar with hiking. In addition to this route, you can also go through the ancient path that connects the plateau of Anopolis with Agia Roumeli. From the village of Agios Ioannis, you will enjoy a three-hour journey that will be unforgettable your whole life. Many people even say that this is the most shocking coastal route in all of Crete.

The Greek village where to reach t you have to cross the largest gorge

Photo Source: Lapplaender

In addition to these, there are several more routes to approach Agia Roumeli on foot. Each route is a different experience but many visitors are experienced and trained hikers. The best thing to do if you choose to take such a route is to get a local guide. Autumn and spring are the ideal seasons to do it.

A special Greek village from those we like to explore…

External photography source: samaria.gr