Make beautiful Kastelli your base to explore west Crete

Kissamos is a town with two names, Kissamos and Kastelli. When it is called Kastelli, the word “Kissamou” (“of Kissamos”) is usually added, to differentiate this Kastelli, west of Chania, from Kastelli Pediados, south of Heraklion.

The town was called Kastelli because it lies on the site of an old Venetian castle, no longer visible today. Kastelli or Kissamos is a small town of about 2,000 inhabitants, with an attractive little harbour, lots of shops, cafeterias and tavernas mostly along the seafront, a long history and a lively atmosphere.

It is a busy place, offering everything tourists may need, although it does not seem very impressive at first. Kissamos is not a crowdy tourist resort, its economy is based mostly in the production of wine and olive oil.

Kissamos or Kastelli is ideal for people who want to explore West Crete while staying in a comfortable, organised place, with cheaper accommodation and food than other, more touristy parts of the Chania Prefecture. Needless to say that among your accommodation choices there are great rent-a-villa options offering high end amenities.

How to get to Kissamos Village in Chania Region