Kandanos is a peaceful mountain village, rich in history

Kandanos is a lovely mountain village in one of the most verdant and fertile regions of Crete in the midst of olive groves and vineyards. At 60 km from Chania town and close to Paleochora, it is known for its production of extra-virgin olive oil.

Kandanos flourished in the Byzantine and Venetian times, took part in the revolutionary fight against the Turks in the 19th century and during the Second World War it was almost completely demolished by the Germans because of its resistance to the invaders.

Many Byzantine churches and monasteries from the 14th and 15th century are found in the region around Kandanos, some of them featuring interesting frescoes. You will not see many tourists here, which enhances the feeling of being in a genuine, untouched Cretan village.

However there are various standard accommodation choices at Kandanos, or if you prefer the comforts of a villa to rent, you may explore the surrounding area.

How to get to Kandanos Village in Chania Region