A stone’s throw from Athens

Can you make a mini escape, not get out of Attica and have a great time? Of course you can! If you choose a suitable destination and you’re in a good mood, it’s all done. For the destination, we have a solution for you, get in your good mood and start for Vilia!

On the slopes of the mythical Kitherona, where according to Greek mythology Oedipus was abandoned, there is this mountain settlement that uniquely combines the charm of the mountain with the sea breeze. It is a village with a long history that combines with it, the beautiful natural landscape. The versions for the name Vilia are many. According to the prevailing version, at the beginning the Villa were called Idyllia, probably because of the idyllic landscape.

Arriving for the weekend in Vilia you will have the opportunity to walk in an area of enormous historical importance To visit the Byzantine-style temple of the Transfiguration of the Savior, built in 1893 by Ernesto Chiller! He is highly renowned and impressive. If you’re a naturalist, then the Vilia will compensate you even more. The green landscape with pine trees and plane trees generously offers a breath of rest for both the eye and a lung of pure oxygen. It is an ideal destination for hiking enthusiasts but also for families who want to discover beautiful places on weekends.

Vilia: a destination for foodies

And because the outdoor will whet your appetite going, in Vilia you will be fed up with good food. The area is famous for its good meat specializing in the ribs served in the taverns. The dairy products of the area as well as the famous pan sweets the are famous.

How to get to Vilia

Vilia is 56 km from Athens and access is from the Old National Road of Athens – Thebes. After passing the village of Oinoi and before we reach the area of Kaza, on the sign to Villia, we turn left.

External photography source: Vagelis Pikoulas –Vilia – youth