An impressive geological phenomenon

Attica,apart from its beauties, has several impressive and more mysterious places. Other more and other less well known. One of them is located in Lavrio and is called “Chaos”. It is a truly rare monument of nature and is only a few kilometers from Athens. It is called Chaos and is located in the area of Kamariza, very close to Lavrio. It is a kind of crater with a depth up to 55 meters and a diameter of 120 meters.

History and legend

What is particularly impressive is its shape, since Chaos has a heart shape. Legend has it, that it was created by a meteor fall in the late 18th or early 19th century. Of course, this fact has not been scientifically proven. Most likely, Chaos was created by the collapse of the roof of a large cave during the recent geological period.

Apart from the impressive “Chaos” however, the surrounding area is full of underground tunnels and mining tunnels that may be geologically related to the site. Lavrio is also famous in Attica for its mining history.

Attraction and a climbing point in Attica

The “Egoilon Chaos” as it is called, is an attraction of the area in Lavrio. It is often visited by speleologists for seminars but also climbers not only from Attica. The rock, shale and limestone zones are visible in the ravine. Between them is Galenite, a ore that gave 99% silver and 1% led . This field is east. Someone can climb chaos all year round. Summer is in the shade after 1 p.m. while in winter if it doesn’t rain you can climb all day because it is protected from the winds.

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Lavrio and the wider region

Lavrio is a low profile area in Attica which is a popular destination for those who want something alternative and quiet. Its friendly square, attentive cafes and restaurants usually fill up on Sundays. When people want to get away from the everyday life of Athens and enjoy the sea side. Even in the winter. In the fish market of Lavrio you will find fresh fish all season and because its close proximity to Athens, makes it an ideal destination for the leisure ride that you want.

You will enjoy your coffee or even your drink with a view of the sailing boats and the blue of the sea and you will fill return to your house with your batteries full .

How to get to Chaos in Attica

First you have to get to Lavrio. Starting from Athens, if you go by car, you enter the Attica road to Markopoulo. At the end of it you continue on to Lavrio. If you go by the coast, follow the path to Sounio-Lavrio road.

At the entrance of the city of Lavrio (coming from Lavrio Avenue) and on the characteristic stone bridge we turn immediately right and head to Agios Konstantinos for 4 km. After entering the settlement we see to our left a sign that says Recreation Place Chaos Agia Triada ,and we head that way. After 300 meters we meet a football field. Opposite the stadium in the small forest, is the field at 100 meters away.

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