A great monument to history

Our country stands out worldwide for its rich and great history which is lost in the depths of the centuries. During these years, in addition to the great historical events, monuments and structures have been created that have now acquired great value. This category also includes the oldest preserved bridge in Europe located in Greece. The reason for the Bridge of Arcadian, also known as the Bridge of Kazarma. A true monument to history that everyone deserves to know up close. It is a Mycenaean bridge, located in the village of Arcadian Argolida and has an interesting history.

The bridge of Arcadian is located on the road that connects Nafplio with Epidaurus and is close to the village of Arcadian Argolida. It is one of the most important monuments of Mycenaean culture. You’ll hear the locals call it the Kazarmas Bridge. Its history, either way, remains the same. The Europe’s oldest preserved bridge rises four metres from the earth, is 22 metres long and 5.6 metres wide. From there the Mycenaean warriors passed and the royal chariots. At the same time it protected the area from the rushing waters of the torrents.

Greek the oldest preserved bridge in Europe

This bridge is therefore considered to be the oldest bridge in Europe and dates back to 1300 BC. The original reason for which it was built was to connect Epidaurus with Mycenae and Ancient Tirintha. Its construction itself is impressive as it was built with large raw limestones without the use of binder. Watch the stunning video from Youtube’s Haanity channel.

It was also a frequent way of construction that the Mycenaean craftsmen followed at the time. This way was called cyclopes. And it was successful because the weight of the limestones as well as their symmetrical placement in terms of its vertical axis were what made the building stable.

If you find yourself escaping to Nafplio, it is worth taking a walk through this bridge and admiring this magnificent bridge.

External photography source: unblock.gr