Ideal beach to stay until the evening

September is considered the sweetest month for swimming in the sea. And if you have been on vacation this month of the year, then you know exactly what we mean. Even if you can’t get away from Athens, there are plenty of options to have a good time and enjoy the sea close to you. One such option is Flabouro Beach. Very close to Athens with shallow water and quite clean. You have to visit it.

One-day at Flabouro Beach

Flabouro is a small beach ten minutes away from Loutraki. It is ideal for an excursion with children due to its clean and very shallow waters. Outside the water, you will find sand and pebbles and inside pebbles and little rocks. It is a very good choice, when there are blowing wind in the area. That’s because it’s sheltered in a safe placet that will give the necessary privacy you want for your swimming.

The petite beach Flamboro which of course does not stand out for its length but you will remember it for its beauty and the quietness and the fact that does not gather a lot of people. Especially in September, it is even quieter. When we first visit Flabouro we loved it so much that we sat and enjoyed it until sunset. Of course, two things have helped a lot. On the one hand, because there is a shower on the beach and so we could stay without feeling that we have salt on us, on the other hand, there is a shop there and we got what we wanted to drink and eat.

So we hung out on the beach and stayed there until the sun went down. Unique experience that we highly recommend. You’ll find umbrellas to sit on, but in any case you can take your own equipment with you.

Flabouro: The petite beach with very shallow waters 1.5 hours from Athens

Photo Source: Google Maps

How to get to Flaburo Beach

As we said, this petite beach in Corinthian is located just 1.5 hours away from Athens and close to Loutraki. You can see HEREwhere exactly it is You’ll also find it easy to park any day of the week.

External photography source: Google Maps