Summer may be leaving, but September is the ideal time for the sweetest and quietest holidays you’ve ever had. In nearby destinations close to Athens, you can find places you have not yet met but they offer you beautiful experiences and relaxing moments. Such a place is an economic destination for a weekend very close to Athens. It is the Astros beach, a quiet fishing village that will win you over from the first moment.

Paralio Astros: The economic destination close to Athens

Paralio Astros is a safe, affordable, and nearby destination to spend your weekend. If you need some rest and not spend a lot of money. You will find beautiful and decent accommodations at a good price but also various taverns and restaurants with good food.

You can also take a walk in the port and on the well-groomed pedestrian street of the village. And of course, get ready for dives on shallow and crowded beaches. Glyfada beach and Atsinganos beach are the ones we have distinguished. Apart from organized beaches, you will also find beaches more isolated and small that you can be all by yourself there. You choose and you get what you prefer. What’s certain is that it will not let you down.

You can ask about how you’re going to get the locals to these beaches. I’m sure they’ll be willing to help you and guide you to see other sights in the area.

The reason for the Astros beachHow to get to the Astros beach

Paralio Astros is just 32 km from Nafplio and 170 km from Athens. So you’ll be there in about two hours. To reach this beautiful and quiet fishing village you have to follow the highway to Tripoli. When you have driven about 110 km, you will have to turn towards Argos. You can make a stop in the capital of Argolida if you want. After your stop you will continue on the old highway Argos Tripolis and after about 14 kilometers you will see signs for paralio Astros.

Have a nice stay!