Turquoise waters next to the famous Voidokilia

By exploring the mainland and the islands of Greece, you can find treasures of unique beauty. Exotic places with turquoise waters and golden sand waiting for you to get to know them up close. One such place is also a natural swimming pool in the Peloponnese. It is Glossa. A true attraction of nature which is located next to the world famous beach of the Peloponnese, Voidokilia. If you are in the area on holiday, it is definitely worth getting to know this gem of nature. You can swim if you want in its crystal clear waters.

Glossa is actually a closed bay formed by high cliffs. The result is the creating of a beach – a natural pool of wild beauty. The water looks from above as if it enters through the slit of the rocks foaming many times at their edges. The images from above are really riveting, as in the neighbouring and famous Voidokilia.

The Glossa, however, things are calmer and more relaxed. Besides, the beach is for a small number of people about 20 – 30 and if you are lucky you can enjoy a private swim as several times it has no people at all. In recent years in this diamond of the Peloponnese, you can find nudists.

Of course, it is not an organized beach so if you want to stay there until the evening you have to have with you the necessary equipment and supplies. Which we recommend because it’s more likely that the turquoise waters will win you over and you won’t want to leave early.

Glossa is the proof that nature is a true artist and that Greece has many secret corners that you only need to look for. Especially the Peloponnese has some of the most beautiful beaches of mainland Greece which in many cases are reminiscent of an island of the Ionian or Aegean sea.

To see exactly where the natural swimming pool of the Peloponnese Glossa is located you can click HERE.

Impressive images from The Glossa give us the Youtube channel Up Drones showing the beauty of the spot from above.

Enjoy it…