A combination of exotic beaches and green landscapes.

The mainland of Greece can make you feel like you’re on an island making another trip just a few hours by car. Places close to Attica or even a little further where you can spend pleasant summer holidays without having to take a ship or a plane. There are, in other words, many summer destinations in Greece that you can only go by car. You will find exotic beaches, green landscapes, hospitable residents and you will try local traditional recipes that will be unforgettable.

In mygreece.tv we have chosen and we recommend the five summer destinations to which you can only go by car.


Travel to one of the most beautiful places in the Peloponnese. Located at the top of the list and is a summer destination a few hours away from Athens which it has everything. The fact that Pylos is in Messinia probably gives you an idea of what wonderful beaches you will enjoy. In this beautiful town, you will find the accommodation you are looking for quite easily, you will swim in turquoise waters and you will have the opportunity to see various monuments for the battle of Navarino.

Distance from Athens: 274 km

Don’t miss: Take a swim on the majestic beach of Voidokilias.


Five summer destinations you can only drive to

The island you don’t need a ship to go to. Lefkada does not exactly remind you of an island when you are there, but its beaches are magnificent. On the one side, you will find blue diamonds such as Porto Katsiki and Egremnous while on the other side there are beaches suitable for families like Nikiana. There the waters are shallow and calm. Whatever you choose, you’ll enjoy an island destination that has everything, but you don’t need a ship to go.

Distance from Athens: 360 km


The destination that is loved equally in winter – summer time. Pelion is a dreamy place that you can spend the best summer vacation beyond your imagination. There you will find beaches with crystal clear waters and trees that literally touch the sea. They’ll remind you in some places of Ionian sea beaches. All you’re going to need is just your car to get there. In Pelion, apart from beautiful coastlines, you will visit beautiful graphical villages and you will try local traditional recipes.

Distance from Athens: 350 km


Five summer destinations you can only drive to

The Caribbean of Greece is not as far away as you may think. You don’t even have to take a boat to get there. Sivota is an exotic destination that it will be unforgettable to you. You will swim in blue but cold waters and you will be able to visit by boat the close ones small uninhabited islands which are full of pine trees. You will find organized beaches with sunbeds and umbrellas as well as smaller beaches. You choose and you take.

Distance from Athens: 460 km

Don’t miss: Enjoy your dives at Papa-Water beach.


Five summer destinations you can only drive to

Whether you choose the south or northern Evia you will have a nice and relaxing time. You will find beautiful beaches with clear waters, green villages where you can have a pleasant stay and sights that will enrich your knowledge. Marmari and Karystos are the ideal options for southern Evia and Edipsos for the northern part. Wherever you go, you’ll be absolutely satisfied.

Distance from Athens: 79 km

Don’t miss: Enjoy your swim at Lake Beach in northern Evia.