A gem with well-maintained alleys and well-kept houses

Rhodes, the island of the Knights is one of the great options for summer holidays. An idyllic place, with endless golden beaches and hospitable people that guarantee you a very pleasant trip. There is also a place that stands out not only on the island but also in Greece. It is Lindos, the majestic Acropolis of Rhodes. The nobility of the city and the serenity of the location make the place unique.

Lindos is one of the most beautiful settlements of Rhodes and attracts a large number of tourists. It is a special area as it combines relaxation with an enjoyable life during the summer months. The sights of the area such as the city with its beautiful mansions, the calm waters of the beaches as well as the historic acropolis at the top of the hill form a very beautiful environment.

Lindos, the jewel of Rhodes

When you visit the city of Lindos you will notice a cluster of well-preserved white houses and beautiful cobbled streets. You will also find a large market with shops and many taverns and cafes. At the entrance of the city in the labyrinthine streets, you will observe the area where the “taxi” of Lindos, the famous donkeys, are kept. While you are walking through the beauties you reach the impressive Acropolis of the city.

The alternative way to be there is to choose the 15-minute walk up to the hill. The traditional city of Lindos consists of a trend of folk architecture. This is because the city has been through a lot of changes over the centuries. The culture of the nations that occupied it left their mark indelible and in this way has elements of medieval, Byzantine, and Arabic characters to this day. A special character is the Captain’s mansions that adorn the city and date from the 16th, until the 18th century.

All the mansions are built by local craftsmen and stand out for their excellent construction, simple interior decoration as well as their functionality. Characteristic of these mansions are the cobbled courtyards, the colorful local ceramic plates as well as the traditional wooden divans which are covered with carpets and wedding embroidery.

One of the important attractions of the area is the Byzantine Church of the Assumption, which is located in the center of Lindos. Its characteristic is the impressive wall paintings which are famous for their detailed depiction.

Rhodes is an ideal destination for all categories of travelers. From couples and groups to families. Everyone will find a way to have a good time and return full of memories and experiences.