All you need for a one-day excursion at sea

Attica in itself is an ideal destination for one-day excursion to the sea. Dyou don’t have to go too far to swim in crystal clear waters and golden beaches. Apart from the long and famous coasts, there are smaller and lesser known beaches, which can become your favorite if you find yourself there once. Such a beach next to Athens is also the proseli. There, you will find crystal clear, blue waters and tufted trees to enjoy their shade.

Proseli, the beach with the blue waters next to Athens

Psoseli beach is located near Porto Germenos about 63 km outside Athens. It is an ideal beach for families and those who want a quiet place to spend their Sunday or make a one-day trip.

If you go to Pray, you’ll expect pebbles and not sand but crystal clear waters. Very clean with blue-green color. Of course trees are the must of the sand. Their shade is what you need to stay there atnoon.

The Proseli is protected from the north winds. And this is not common for other beaches in the area where often the waves do not let you enjoy your swim. This means that you will usually find it calm and not in waves, like we did when we went. As far as access is concerned it is good and very easy from the road and does not leave you room to postpone a walk for a swim in Porto Germeno.

Escape to Porto Germeno

Porto Germeno is the ideal place for a one-day trip next to Athens. It’s next to us, just an hour and something distance and it has also a feature. It’s for all types of travelers. From couples and groups, to families. The beaches of the area are among those that invite you to wet your feet early as the waters are usually warm.

Photo Source: Nikos Laskaridis – Project of the Man Who Uploads It, CC BY-SA 4.0

Porto Germeno is a quiet holiday village in West Attica that offers beaches for all tastes. Organized, deserted, for families or even for groups that like racquet ball.. You choose and take!

External photography source: Google Maps