A paradise a breath away from Athens – watch the video

Attica is full of beautiful places and hidden <corners> to escape all year round. On its southeastern coast you will find beaches, not only for summer swim but also for spring walks. Such a place, you will find a few kilometers outside Keratea. Where there is an unknown small island with a natural swimming pool.

The kakia thalassa beach, a breath away from Athens

Kakia thalassa beach in Attica that has nothing to do with its name, is a mythical place. It is no coincidence that it is one of the nicest and cleanest in the basin. Where does she owe her name? The name of the area has its roots in Greek mythology. In a battle between the ancient Athenians and the barbarians, the Athenians asked for the help of the gods. Then, according to legend, as the Greeks were few in numbers, Zeus and Hades ordered Poseidon to cause large waves in the region. Thus, the tempest “swallowed” the fleet of enemies and the Athenians were saved from certain havoc. During the summer months, the kakia thalassa is full of life.

The kakia thalassa has blue waters, sandy bottom and a coast paved with fine pebbles. They are ideal for taking a leisurely ride by the sea all year round. As for the summer months, the beach is divided into two parts and serves all tastes. The southern part is organized, with sunbeds, umbrellas, showers and changing rooms. On the contrary, the northern part is free .

The islet and the unknown natural pool

What is a well hidden secret in this place in Attica is the island in the shape of a claw located off the beach. So if you swim there in the summer you will be faced with a natural beauty that you do not believe exists in Attica. From the back side, with the front facing the Aegean Sea, the walls of the small island they create a natural gate. The beauty of the spot is riveting. The fact that this secret is not more widely known makes it even more idyllic as you won’t meet a lot of people if you get there.

Perfect place for climbers

In addition to this marine discovery, the area also has treasures on land. If you’re a climbing enthusiast, you’ll be thrilled with the kakia thalassa. A great opportunity to practice without leaving Attica. The rocky hill that stretches behind the beach, for many is one of the best climbing fields you can find near Athens. The most experienced know that the right times for climbing are from morning until early noon, when the spot is covered by the shade.

Organize your spring excursions to Attica and get ready to get to know her better in the summer. Attica and Greece in general have many unexplored treasures waiting to be discovered…