Immersive beauty, a breath away from Athens

Greece is full of churches and monasteries that offer you peace and tranquility. Some of them stand out for their special spots that they are built ,and also for the view that they offer. In this category belongs a small church in Parnitha, In Attica. The reason for the Agia Marina. A chapel on a rock, true jewel in the area, which ties amazingly with the wider landscape. In a spectacular way one could say, without exaggeration. It is no coincidence that many resemble as a small Mount Athos, if we can call it that next to Athens.

The history of the small church in Parnitha

The small church in Parnitha was built 800 years ago by believers to honor Agia Marina. Right next door, the cave is said to have found the image of Agia Marina. Agia Marina is the protector of the sickly children. Christians built many churches in her honor and not only in this area and in Attica. However one of the most beautiful, is the one located in Parnitha, quite and far from the crowds.

The church of Agia Marina in Parnitha is one of the most beautiful in Attica and not unfairly. You can get there οικισμό του Αυλώνα through the settlement of Avlona with the car having to travel several kilometers of dirt road which is not the easiest. Eventually you’ll have to stop at the beginning of a path.

You don’t have to be nervous, and you can enjoy a beautiful ride of about an hour until you reach the chapel on the rock.

For those who want to reach it and like hiking

If you want to go from the most travel route you have to choose the path that starts from the section from Agios Nikolaos to Agia Marina. FromAgios Nikolaos reaches a road from the center of Avlona. Initially it is about 4 km uphill asphalt, and then three kilometers of dirt road.

Parnitha, the mountain of Attica and its beauties

Beautiful natural landscape through fir trees, caves, deer and other animals, lakes and royal estates. Parnitha it is perfect for the Sunday stroll especially with the children. For picnics and endless walks literally a breath away from Athens.

If you are in the mood for more naturalistic discoveries, reach the Hippocratic State and Lake Belletsi, where the small streets are ideal for family walks.