A small diamond an hour away from the center of Athens

The more we explore Attica, the more we discover its hidden secrets. It can be from a mountain or an attraction to a beach. Like a beach – diamond that makes you think that you are in the Cyclades when in fact you are about an hour away from Athens. The reason is for the beach KAPE as it is known and is located on the way to Sounio.

An old secret in Attica with… 99 steps

And the information we have may be great due to the internet but until a few years ago the particular beach was a very well hidden secret. In fact, even today, that it’s a little better known, it’s not easy to find for someone who’s never been there before. Just before Legreina, on the road leading to Sounio, there is, therefore, a sign that says “Property K.A.P.E.” Ministry of Industry, Energy and Technology. A beach you may have heard, stands out in Sounio. And it’s j located on the athens-soonio coastal road, just after the settlement of Harakas. It is located on the coastal road of Athens-Sounio, immediately after the settlement of Harakas.

When you get there two things will surprise you. The first is that you need to descend 99 steps to swim (opinions on this topic differ as some say it is 90). The second thing that will impress you is the fact that suddenly it looks like you are in the Cyclades

Mikres Cyclades in Attica

So when you walk down the stairs (whatever many these are) you will be compensated by what you will see. Suddenly you’re in a magical island setting, that doesn’t look like the Basin of athens. The image consists of rocky volumes and turquoise crystal clear waters. A place that looks pristine and untouched by human presence. This creek is small and protected from the winds. What is certain is that you will enjoy the unique view of the sea and the island of Patroclos and you will feel absolute relaxation. Everything you need to enjoy the sun and the sea.

Already going down the first steps you’ll be fascinated. Even further down, and a few dozen steps later, you reach a beautiful beach of what you would not have imagined to exist in Attica. Taking a taste of the amazing sea view, you continue to the wonderful bay with its deep, blue waters.

What you need to watch out for

If you’re on your summer outing with kids, it’s important to know a few things.

  • First prepare your children that it has a relatively long descent (and corresponding rise).
  • You should also carry supplies of water and food and an umbrella as you may not always find the canteen that is there open.
  • The most important thing is that at some point the sea deepens sharply so you have to keep an eye out with the children.