Things to know of the start line facilities

The Athens Authentic Marathon start area offers all necessary services for the runners

You are all registered and ready to go so let’s get you familiarized with the start area of the Athens Authentic Marathon and the services offered by the organizing committee of this classic race. The start area comprises the long paved way where the start line is, a stadium with track of synthetic surface and grass, an indoor gym behind the stadium and an open basketball field in front of the indoor gym.

Inside this area there is also the altar of the Marathon Flame, an excellent spot for pictures and inspiration. Among the services offered are changing rooms, 45 toilets and another 200 chemical ones and of course medical services for last minute incidents. Runners who need to warm up can run at the stadium track. For any questions or last minute problems you can always refer to the info stand at the start area, which is close to the announcements center.

How to get from Marathon to Kalimarmaro Stadium