Easy transport to the Authentic Marathon Start Venue

Transportation to the Athens Authentic Marathon Start Venue is easy as everything is taken care of by the Organizing Committee. On the day of the Athens Authentic Marathon, buses are provided and depart from three different locations in the centre of Athens.

Buses are available to transport the participants strictly between 5:30-6:30 a.m. After 6:30 a.m., these buses, provided by the Committee, will no longer be available. All participants must be at the running events start venue at least one hour in advance (8:00 a.m. the latest).

The Bus stations are located at: Vasilisis Sofias Ave., in front of the Evangelismos Metro station, at Amalias Ave. Syntagma, in front of the Greek Parliament (Syntagma Metro station) and at Sygrou Ave. at the Sygrou-Fix Metro station. Just pack your running shoes and make sure you get there on time!

How to get from Marathon to Kalimarmaro Stadium