How to deliver your clothes before the Authentic Marathon Race

Your mind is definitely on the race, but before that there are some small matter to take care of, such as the delivery of your clothes on the day of the race. This task must be completed by all athletes strictly before 8:30 am. as after this time the Organizing Committee will not accept any such bags.

The Committee bears no responsibility in case of any loss due to delay of delivery. Use the plastic bags given to you by the volunteers in order to stay warm, or clothes of your choice. Your bib number must be displayed on the label which should be placed on your clothes plastic bag.

Make sure that your bag is well closed and that it does not contain any valuable belongings, travel documents or money. Then deliver the bag with your clothes to the specific truck that matches your bib number. You will receive it from the same truck when you finish. For any questions or last minute problems please refer to the info stand in the start area, which is close to the announcements center.

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