Walking through the center of Athens you can pass trhrough streets, monuments and historical corners of this city without paying much attention. So you may have passed by a small chapel that stands there, in Athens, over a century, many times and its construction story is very interesting. Its construction story is in fact, quite an interesting one. We are talking about Agia Kyriaki.

The little chapel and its history

It is located in one of the most central places of Athens, at 28 Athinas Street. The truth is that few notice it as it has been “choked” by apartment buildings. After all, it is in such a spot that passers-by walk by in a hurry without stopping, even to give it a curious glance.

The chapel is really small, measuring just 11×3.50 meters. Above its curved roof stands upright the old bell tower with the clock that still counts the minutes and hours. In its yard there was a small municipal fountain as well.

A very old photograph is preserved from the chapel. , taken between 1865 and 1870. However, the temple is of an earlier date as it was built during the Turkish occupation. Its characteristic is, as in many other churches, the disparity in the size of the stones used to erect it. What’s the reason for that? It suggests that the materials came from older monuments. This is common and we can even see it in the Small Metropolitan Church of Athens. More about it you can read here. On the inside, the church is decorated with frescoes of an unknown hagiographer (a painter who cretaes frescoes for churches only). Looks like they were made in an earlier time. There is also a tradition that says that the church of Agia Kyriaki was a cemetery church. this cemetery was located between this church and the church of Pantanassa, in Monastiraki.

Athens and the historic center

Memories of the past and images from the present compose the image of the historical center of Athens, which is sure to captivate one’s eye and mind. It is undeniably, one of the most beautiful places in the city. Something that not only the Athenians, but also the foreign visitors know very well, who visit it every year, especially in the summer. Apart from the historical places and attractions that you will see, many shops have exist which are purposed either for a cup of coffee or for nightlife and have become hangouts for many people. You can start focused on Monastiraki and Plaka districts. Having become a pedestrian walkway, most of the historic Center of the City is worth for many a venture and even some purchases of a special kind. The charm that Athens emanates to its visitors is quite distinctive. That’s why she’s got so many big fans from all over the world.

Anyone who has done that, knows that the afternoon summer walk in the center, overlooking the Acropolis, is not comparable to anything else.

External photography source: dogma.gr