We explore Greece and each time we discover more and more beautiful and unknown corners. In summer we are in front of the miracle of the Ionian and the Aegean and we can discover the hidden diamonds of the sea. One of them is Asteris or Arkoudi. An island known since the ancient years and it was called Homeric island. The small island of Asteris has turquoise waters and is green. If you get there by boat, the swimming experience will be unforgettable. You will swim in crystal clear waters.

Asteris: The Homeric and majestic Island of the Ionian Sea

The island of Asteris or Arkoudi is located between Sami and Ithaca. It is an island of dazzling and rare beauty off the Ionian Sea. It is an island from the Televoid islands complex and is considered the most beautiful of all the others.This uninhabited island has a great history and background. It is no coincidence that they call it a Homeric island while its history continued in the following centuries.

According to researchers, Homeric island Asterida is actually the place telemachus ( is a figure in Greek mythology, the son of Odysseus and Penelope), took refuge when it was hunted by suitors. Another special feature is that it is the only island in the area which has two identical two-way clockwise ports. It is said, therefore,that the ship of Telemachus sailed east from Arkoudi and headed to the first coast of Lefkada – “Ithaca”. That’s what historians say he sailed easily from the suitors, and Telemachus waw rescued.

The Homeric island of Asteris was left in history because of that…

Arkoudi, stunning images from above

The island of Arkoudi or Asteris, apart from its history, as we said stands out for its beauty. From youtube’s Travel Inspiration Youtube video you can see some stunning images from above and admire the crystal clear waters and green expanses of this private and uninhabited island.