A green island with turquoise waters

Among the 6,000 islands of Greece, there are certainly many that not only have you not seen them but you may not have heard of them either. Among them, there is an island called Gaidaros and has a special history as well as other names. It has a rare beauty and turquoise waters on its shores. The images from above are extremely impressive and magical. It is located opposite Evia is so small.

A small and beautiful island of Gaidaros is located opposite the beach Drosia of Chalkida. An equally beautiful beach worth visiting. You’ll hear them call it, too, Ktiponisi The images you’ll see if you approach it by boat are of unique beauty. It is an island full of trees and turquoise crystal clear waters

Gaidaros Island is currently uninhabited. Yet seeing it from above, you can observe that there used to be life. In the past, searching the history of the life there in previous centuries, ruins and water tanks had been discovered in the center of the island. These findings reveal that the island was inhabited in the 6th to 7th centuries.

Looking at the images of Gaidaros Island from above you will find that it has two hills. They reach a height of 51 meters. At the top of one hill is the church of Agios Nikolaos of Neos. That’s why many people call the island Agios Nikolaos. The images are certainly impressive.

The history of the small island.

The island of Gaidaros is also called Egglezonisi (English island). The reason is that there lived in the 1930s an English archaeologist. His name was Terville Petr and he had left Berlin in 1931 to settle permanently on this island opposite Evia. In fact, he had rented the island and built his house there which was the only building on the island.

Petr had become known for a great discovery he made in the early years of his career as an archaeologist. In 1926 he had found in Africa a fossil of the prehistoric period.

See the island from above through the video of the Haaanity channel.