In less than an hour away from Athens you will be swimming in clear waters

Among the many famous beaches of Attica, there are those that are less well known but equally beautiful and ideal for a one-day walk. Others with sand and others with pebbles, you can choose. One of them is the beach of Attica Ancona. A beach for those who prefer pebbles to sand, do not want crowds and have strict criteria in the clear waters. And this particular beach stands out in all three. It is very close to Athens so you can easily get to know it up close and swim there.

Ancona Beach: Swimming in the pebbled and clean of Attica

Ancona beach is neither a small nor a large beach that will offer you a swim in the clear waters of Evia. It is in the area of Agioi Apostles of Samos, which means that you will get there very quickly from Athens. Something basic when you don’t want to be on the road for two hours before you take your first dive.

This particular beach is characterized by pebbles inside and out. If you belong to the category of those who like pebbles but can not walk it easily then you should have with you special shoes to enjoy your swim better.

Ancona beach has umbrellas and sunbeds but always of course you can have your equipment with you and choose the place where to enjoy your dives. Of course, you can also enjoy the natural shade from the trees that this beach has.

Ancona Beach: The pebbled and clean of Attica1 Photo Source: Google Maps This beach is in the area of Keratea in Attica and it is the ultimate getaway without any exaggeration.

It is not a famous beaches of Attica which however offer you guaranteed good swimming and a few people. Whatever you want to spend a day enjoying the sun and the sea. That’s why many families with children choose it. If now you want to arrange a two-day escape of Attica you can stay at the Agios Apostolos who have shops with very good food and nice places to walk around

Where is Ancona Beach?

At Ancona beach, you will reach having traveled about 50 km away from Athens as we said, it is located in the area of Agioi Apostoloi Samos. Access is not difficult and you will easily find a place to park.

You can click HERE to see exactly where it is and get ready for your dives.