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Traveling to Greece you will be fascinated by various corners that are a real canvas of nature. Especially if you have the chance to see some places from above you will be fascinated and you will confirm that Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. One such place of unique beauty is Aliki Aegiou. There you will see all the shades of nature concentrated in a peculiar living painting. This canvas is decorated with waterfowl. The lagoon in Aigio, Achaia, is really something else.

Aliki: A unique canvas of nature

Aliki of Aegiou is a rare wetland, a special ecosystem in the city of Aegio. If you find yourself in the area, you will see that in an impressive way the water and land element coexist creating a landscape of ecological importance that you will not see elsewhere easily.

This wetland, which is natura 2000 protected and occasionally hosts rare species of birds, fish, and other organisms. Among those hosted from time to time, there are various groups of aquatic and watery birds. Such are the swans and palm trees the well-known and beloved flamingo-phoenicopterus ruber. This diversity, although many do not know it, is the largest among the wetlands of the Peloponnese. It is no coincidence that it has emerged and that it is a special destination for nature lovers.

If you’re lucky, you might want to see its waters look like a mirror when you visit it. And that’ shows it looks like painting the endless blue of the sky in the lake. When we got there to bird watching, we saw swans and ducks eating their food. It’s like we’ve become one of this ecosystem. The beautiful phoenixes suddenly dipped their long necks with the strong beak and they were looking for food, possibly crabs and shrimps.

Magical images of this wetland generously give us the Haanity channel of Youtube. You can see the amazing combinations of colors and nature being the best painter.

A journey to the canvas of nature… Enjoy it!