The strange and unknown sight and where you can see it

Walking around the province of our country, we find that the strange sights of Greece are much more than we know. Mysterious locations, lunar landscapes, and sights that don’t look like the usual. Everything hides a special story or even is accompanied by various myths and legends. One such place is “Timboulis” in the Peloponnese and specifically in the prefecture of Elia. A mysterious house – museum which consists of dolls that… Move.

Timboulis: The mysterious house of Greece with dolls that change places

Timboulis is a very special museum full of old antique objects which are in the middle of nowhere. Its creators are a couple, Uli and her husband Tibor who had collected many items and decided to use them in this special way. So they built a store-museum for their dolls to live in and set up a unique, mysterious, and for many slightly creepy scenery.

Dolls sometimes seem to enjoy a beer or their coffee while there is even a baby doll in an old crib. The objects from which this peculiar museum is set up are from garbage to antiques of value because of their age. Everything blends harmoniously in a strange way and creates this scenery.

What is also worth mentioning is that the dolls do not stay in the same place. So no matter how many times you’re there, you’re going to see a completely different scene. The showcase dolls are often set up on balconies, and if you look at them from afar, you might think they’re real people. Inside the building, you will see from the trunk and old swings. And of course dolls.

How to get to one of the strangest places in Greece

This special museum is located in Zacharo between the villages of Tholos and ΕΔΩ. Access isn’t difficult if you’re in the area.

The entrance to the museum is free and we advise you to have enough space on your phone to take several strange photos. Get a taste of the video below uploaded to Youtube by nikos.tsiak.