If you’re born some of the previous… decades, then, with the word Kolosourtis, you may have different memories in mind. And especially if your summer vacation was in the Peloponnese. And of course, we are talking about the old road Argos-Tripolis Highway. It was a road full of turns that made you dizzy. And we’re not talking just one or two turns, we’re talking about 30 petals and you should have the experience and patience to get to your destination. Today the images from above give you another kind of picture of what this well-known road was like..

Kolosourtis: The famous old National Road with endless turns

Kolosourtis was and is one of the most famous roads in Greece. It was the only road to drive to the central Peloponnese. It was passing through Achladocampos to end up to Tripoli. And the name Kolosourtis wasn’t just a random name as it wasn’t the easiest road you could drive. A real snake road that needed a strong stomach until you reached your destination. One turn succeeds the other in a setting you don’t come across in Greece.

On the other hand, the road offered you a unique view of the Argolic Gulf and Nafplio. A view you could hardly enjoy anywhere else. However, this beauty is something that can be enjoyed by the passengers, the driver should be particularly careful with the danger of the road.

Kolosourtis today

Things have changed now. This particular highway has been extended and improved. At the same time, the new Corinth-Tripolis highway was given to traffic. So all the large vehicles and most private cars began to choose this road to move. So the road of Achladocampos now has little traffic.

The images from above offered by youtube’s Haanity channel from above give a unique feel…