Exotic waters on the liliputio island

Greece has hidden treasures and heavenly landscapes. All it takes is an appetite to explore and discover it. Every time you’ll enjoy something new that will fascinates you. One of those is located in the Ionian Islands. It is Agios Sostis who is also called the Caribbean of Zakynthos. It is a wonderful place located between Laganas and Keri. This small island will shock you with its beauty and aesthetics. A heavenly place that looks like an exotic destination. And so it is. The pictures speak for themselves, but it’s another experience to visit it.

The small exotic island of Agios Sostis is located in the bay of Laganas, 2 nautical miles from the beach of Daphne. Its name has been taken from the church of Agios Sostis. There are no other traces of human presence beyond an old collapsed building. It was connected to land and separated after an earthquake in 1633.

The pictures you will see there are indeed exotic and heavenly. This beautiful island is surrounded by crystal clear sea with turtles and many species of fish. And in the morning you may enjoy your dives in the clear blue and crystal clear waters but the island is or else the Caribbean of Zakynthos is ideal for having fun all day.

Even in the evening hours you can enjoy the view and have fun in the café and the club of the island. Undoubtedly it is one of the most graphical spots of the island, which impresses all visitors. Agios Sostis in Zakynthos is the break you need to take from everyday life. And a chance to know all the beauties of Greece. Especially the Ionian looks like a chest full of unknown treasures. And this particular island is one of them.

How to get to Agios Sostis

Access to Agios Sostis is by sea by boat or swimming and through a huge wooden bridge. Immediately you will see a pine island with several hills. On the southwest side of the island, there is a cave of moderate dimensions, and a single beautiful beach with extremely white and fine sand. It is worth visiting and getting to know them both!

External photography source: www.zakynthosinfocenter.gr