Wherever you go in the Cyclades Islands (an island complex in the Aegean Sea), you certainly won’t leave either untouched or complaining. It’s the aura and energy of these islands, big and small, that draws you like a magnet to come back every year and explore new places. Some of them, however, will steal your heart away. One of them is Paros island and more specifically Parikia which is its capital.The port that is in the heart of the Aegean Sea, that wins you over from the first moment you arrive at it. It is also the main town of this beautiful island of the Cyclades islands.

From the first moment you reach the island, you will be attracted to the windmill located just outside the port. It is, after all, the trademark of the island. The port is located in the bay of the island, which creates a natural harbour, protected from the strong winds of the Aegean Archipelago. Inside, you will find beautiful Cycladic alleys, while the famous Panagia Ekatontapyliani is the most famous church on the island and perhaps its most important attraction.

in the summer, while standing in Parikia, you will stare at the ships coming and going. Others come from Piraeus and others from other corners of the Aegean Archipelago. They arrive in Paros island, which has everything you need for your enjoyment and relaxation. And Parikia is definitely a strong motivator for your visits.

Parikia emits a special attractiveness as it is distinguished by numerous old architectural buildings which are in very good condition. A picturesque town in every way. And you’ll even notice that, when on the main street of its market-place. Captain Fokianos Street is full of shops, on both sides, housed in buildings of Cycladic architecture.

Having a good time in Parikia

Paros: The beautiful Parikia in the heart of the Aegean

When you go to a place like Parikia, you will surely enjoy yourself heartily. Everything is there. Nearby beaches, calm hangouts and intense nightlife. There is no shortage of little-bite shops, traditional taverns, cafés, bars, and clubs which are mainly located in the coastal zone, on Giannis Parios Street.

The most beautiful beaches near Parikia are Livadia and Krios or else Agios Fokas, where you can go both by car and on a boat from the port that is on the opposite coast.

Near Parikia, about 4 km. to the southwest, is the Valley of Butterflies. It is a green habitat of Paros, in which you will see the butterflies of the species Tiger moth. Whatever you choose to do in Paros, wherever you stay, Parikia will always be there as your port.