Attica can offer you unique opportunities to spend leisurely weekends by the sea. Without having to do lot of miles and spend lots of money on fuel. There are many options and sandy beaches, with fine pebbles, more or less popular. You choose the one that suits you and you go for a dip. Today we recommend one of the beaches that have idyllic views and is near Athens. Agios Petros is the beach where you will swim while enjoying the view the Temple of Poseidon. Are you thinking to do something better this weekend?

Agios Petros, a beach with a unique view

The first time we stopped at Agios Petros was a completely random choice as we were looking for a beach to take our Sunday dive. As soon as we saw the view we had from Agios Petros beach, we realized that this will be the beach that will become a hangout. On this particular beach, you take your dives overlooking the Temple of Poseidon in Sounio. Needless to say, the more the sun goes to set, the more idyllic the scenery becomes.

Agios Petros is not large nor an organized beach. That means you need to go early find the ideal place you want. In addition, you have to carry all the necessary equipment, that is, umbrella and something to eat and drink. Besides, chances are, as soon as you get there, you’ll decide that you’re not just here for a few hours, but for an all day excursion . The same thing happened when we went, except we didn’t foresee having supplies with us.

How to get to St. Peter’s

Access to this beach is not difficult. Agios Petros is located on the highway, just before you reach Sounio, on the side of the Saronic. You won’t have a hard time to find it, there is a little sign on the road that leads you there. After a short dirt road and a chapel , you will locate this beautiful beach. To see exactly where this beach is, click HERE.

Agios Petros: The beach you go swimming that is overlooking the Temple of Poseidon

Photo Source: Google Maps The beaches of Sounio are generally ideal for a relaxed swim and cool dips in shallow and clear waters.

What you can do if you don’t have a particular beach in mind is to take the open road and go whatever gets your interest. That’s how we spotted St. Peter… External photography source: Google Maps