The Incredible Moudari Lighthouse

The Moudari lighthouse is is one of the biggest lighthouses in Greece

The incredible lighthouse of Moudari was built in 1901 with purpose of facilitating in the straits between Kythera and Elafonisos. It is one of the biggest lighthouses in Greece and has about 25 meters high. It is located at cape Spathi, which is the northernmost site of Kythera and is an ideal destination for those who want some peaceful moments.

To reach the lighthouse you can take the road to Karavas village and then there are several ways to reach this beautiful monument and enjoy the stunning view and the romantic sunset.

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The Fortress of Chora

The Castle of Chora: A great historical place with a strategic position

The Fortress of Chora is the most picturesque monument in Kythera an it was built in the 16th century by the Venetians.

Due to its strategic position was called the “Eye of Crete” or the “Eye of Greek Seas”, because from that position they could controlling the Cretan, the Ionian and the Aegean seas.

The Castle of Chora encloses a great rich history dating from the Venetian, the Russo-Turkish and the English period. If you travel to Kythera don’t miss the chance to visit this rare historical monument and admire its beauties.

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Chora of Kythera

Chora of Kythera: An amazing village with stunning beauties

At the south site of Kythera is located Chora the capital of this beautiful island. It is a traditional village with amazing view to the Cretan sea and beloved to visitors.

You can walk around the streets of Chora, visit the hisorical Castle and the churches, admire the beautiful gardens and the architecture of the buildings of the village.

In Chora you can enjoy traditional tasty food at the local restaurants or have some fun at village’s night clubs. Also, there are several choices for accommodation, such as hotels or rooms to let.

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