Sea Voyage to Wonderful Island of Hytra

A two hour sea voyage with Captain Spiros’ boat takes you to the magical Hytra rock islet

One of the most pleasurable parts of a trip to Kythera is a visit to the skerry of Hytra or else Avgo (Egg), located at a short distance across the harbor of Kapsali. On its south side there is a cave with enchanting colors both in the exterior and on the seabed.

At the end of the cave there is a haven for seals. Going up on the isle requires attention, as the ground is steep and rocky. At a particular hour of the day the sun shines into the cave of of Hytra, ‘painting’ the waters turquoise and the walls golden. You can get there by boat from Kapsali and swim inside the cave.

Being 200m long and 22m high, it is one of the most spectacular in Greece. The rare and protected species of falcons (Varvaki) build their nests on these steep rocks. Also, the island’s local “flower” Sempreviva, blooms on this difficult terrain, handpicked each June by experienced locals only. The only way to visit Hytra is with your own boat or with famous Captain Spiros and his boat, “Alexandros”!

Mountain biking in Kythera

Kythera can be wonderfully explored on the two wheels of a mountain bike

Bikes are earning more and more fans and at Kythera, mountain biking is a popular new form of outdoor activity. Although an island, Kythera has mountains that can be exploited by bikes. The only prerequisite is strong legs and lungs!

There are areas where the bike can serve as adequate transportation like Agia Pelagia, Diakofti, Paleopoli, Avlemonas and a few routes around Kalamos, Livadi, Logothetianika and Gerakari. There are routes on dirt road and others on asphalt. When biking on the latter ones, be careful of cars driving fast, especially on spots where there is limited visibility due to curves or dense vegetation.

There are stores renting different bike types that can be rented and used all over the island. There are very interesting routes, while maps and guides provide information on how to get to know Kythera on two wheels. There is even the option of a guide companion on your trip.

Hiking with a local guide in Kythera

Alone or with a guide, Kythera will reward the hiking lover with its unique landscapes

The island of Kythira has beautiful hiking trails. The walks lead through green valleys, olive groves, small pine forests, hills covered by Erica, through small villages and beaches that invite you to swim. A unique experience! However, long hikes in midsummer should be avoided, because most of the trails have no shadow.

A good start is to do the Chora-Kapsali route, through a spectacular path that was once one of Kythera’s busiest routes, connecting the island’s former main port, Kapsali, with the capital city of Chora. Today the path forms a circular route, allowing hikers to descend from the western side of the Kastro (castle fort) with a breathtaking view of the impressive cliffside fortifications.

Another very popular path is the one starting at the central square of the picturesque Mylopotamos village. It follows the old paved path to the unexpectedly impressive waterfall called “Neraida”. From there, one can follow the creek until the beach of Kalami.