The more we explore Greece, the more we discover hidden diamonds. Among them are rare beaches scattered around the country. Α beach called White Lake belongs to this category as well and is located in Crete. It is a paradise beach that charms anyone who goes there to swims in its waters. It is, in fact, a well-hidden secret of the inhabitants who look after it as the apple of their eye. If, however, you are in Chania, you can get to know it up close.

When we found ourselves in Crete, White Lake was one of our priorities based on what we had heard from the locals. And they were right. This small beach is in itself the best advertisement for the island, despite the fact that most tourists know more about the nearby Elafonisi, rather than this beach. The images we encountered were beyond imagination. And we immediately figured out why it has such a name. White Lake has, of course, white sand and is surrounded by rocks. It is reminiscent of a lake which is in, in fact, the sea.

What makes it even more beautiful is the fact that it is not organized and remains pure as much as it could. This beach, in Chania, Crete, boasts equally for its beauty and its pure form.

In White Lake we had crystal clear water, playing on the sand and an enchanting scenery overlooking the endless blue sea. Exactly what is necessary for you to feel that you are vacationing in paradise. If you like taking photos, you’ll fill a whole album with most of them on the rocks. This point, as we have been informed, is, in fact, the western colony of the palm tree of Theophrastus which is the famous protected Cretan palm tree.

The White Lake which is actually a beach2

Tip: The fact that this beach is not organized in combination with the fact that it does not have a natural shade means that, when you go there, you should have taken with you everything necessary in order to be protected from the sun.

Where to find White Lake Beach

The White Lake which is actually a beach You won’t have a hard time finding White Lake beach if you follow the route you see on the signs of the area. For your convenience, we put the spot here. The small and, for many, secret beach with white sand is located 500 meters from the monastery of Chrysoskalitissa 70 km southwest of Chania.

If you have a hard time finding it, you can ask the hospitable locals who will help you with whatever you need. Of course, we advise you to also visit the neighbouring Elafonisi which is one of the most exotic corners of Greece. You will get the best of impressions.