Where sun, sea and gastronomy make a unique puzzle

We know of the famous Cyclades and their large islands that are flooded every summer by tourists coming from all over the world. And then there is also the charming Little Cyclades. This cluster of islands that has its own faithful followers every year who prefer alternative holidays in quieter places which are still free of big crowds of tourists. In these destinations, we can’t but include Koufonisia.Where the blue colour of the sea, the white colour of the houses and the multi-colour of the flowering courtyards get so harmonious, that you think you have suddenly found yourself inside a painting. There, in Koufonisia, alternative holidays and hospitality are more than just granted.

Truth is, that there’s not a thing you would like to have in your vacation, that you can’t find in Koufonisia. Beaches with crystal clear water, which is transparent like that of a swimming pool. Golden sand shimmering under the summer sun. Friendly inhabitants who make you feel like you’re family. Gastronomy that takes you to flavours you have never even imagined. Hidden treasures of natural landscapes and idyllic sunsets for those with a romantic soul. And of course, an alternative style of holidays for those who choose this corner of the Cyclades to spend the carefree days of their summer vacation.

Chora (the main town) in Ano Koufonisi

This is a unique and beautiful settlement in the Cyclades Islands. Chora is a miniature of the Cycladic architecture. You will walk in picturesque alleys with white walls and flowering courtyards. You’ll be fascinated by the sounds and songs that you hear, especially as it gets darker. It’s Chora that steals your heart and you always want to come back to it.

Chora in Ano Koufonisi is, no doubt, one of the most picturesque, clean and welcoming main towns of Cyclades Islands. The lilliputian lady as it is called.

Koufonisia: Alternative holidays with waters like that of a swimming pool1

Photo Source: finikaskoufonisia.com

Beaches resembling swimming pools

If anything’s going to make you not want to leave Koufonisia, it’s their beaches. A vast blue that at times becomes transparent for hours is the main feature. We’ve singled out Pori Beach which in no way means that the others are lacking in the least. It’s just that Pori is what we would call a paradise. In fact, it is a bay with turquoise waters and golden sand.

Koufonisia: Alternative holidays with water like that of a swimming pool

You can go there in any hour of the day and enjoy its shallow and warm waters and find the spot that you want to sit in. The beach of Gala also stands out, which, due of its location, makes the water foam like Milk (since the name Gala=Milk). Περισσότερα about it HERE. Phoenicas, Italida and Ammos, also belong to the category of beaches where words can hardly describe the sight.

If you find yourself in Koufonisia, don’t forget…

  • The famous caves in the northern part of the island. Where the pirates are said to have been hiding. The little beaches will steal your heart away.
  • Hiking and discovering that an island is not only its beaches. It’s just as impressive to go out in openings and enjoy the horizon in a way you have never imagined.
  • Take a boat ride around Upper and Lower Koufonisi. The colour of the sea especially when during sunset is like a dream.
  • Take a closer look at the Mills of the island and be photographed next to them. The first one you will meet, at the port of the island.
  • Fresh fish and seafood are a must-have in the island. Even more attractive, is the fact that you will most likely enjoy them in a tavern in front of the sea where the quietness will let you hear its sound.

Koufonisia, the alternative holiday destination that will be unforgettable to you…